Richard W. Shields Collaborative Law, Mediation, Arbitration and Training

“The obligation of our profession is, or long has been thought to be, to serve as healers of human conflict. To fulfill our traditional obligation means that we should provide mechanisms that can produce an acceptable result in the shortest possible time, with the least possible expense and with a minimum of stress on the participants. That is what justice is all about.”

- United States Supreme Court
Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, January 24, 1982


Richard W. Shields

LL.B., M.A., LL.M., Ph.D.
Lawyer • Mediator • Arbitrator • Trainer

I am a Family Dispute Resolution Professional. In my practice I follow a professional, problem-solving approach, which is intended to create mutually acceptable, value-added solutions to family problems. To facilitate my dispute resolution processes I offer an informal, user-friendly environment for the parties and their lawyers. I invite you to consider my services and contact me for a consultation, at no cost and without commitment, to enable you to make an informed process choice.

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